I’m a London-born writer whose PhD psychosocially evaluates contemporary UK tabloid journalism from a post-Jungian perspective.

I’m an independent academic researcher, visiting university lecturer and freelance journalist. My research areas are:

  • Depth psychology (the pan-psychoanalytic study of unconscious influence on mind, culture and society);
  • Psychosocial, media and journalism studies;
  • Popular and digital culture.

I’m writing a book about The Sun newspaper where I worked for decades as a news sub-editor.

I’ve an MA in media from Nottingham Trent University and I studied psychoanalytic theory and analytical (Jungian) psychology at master’s level at Essex University’s Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies (CPS) in preparation for my PhD. I’m now a visiting lecturer on the centre’s Jungian and post-Jungian MA course.

I was a staff national newspaper journalist for 30 years and a university lecturer for 10. I also ran my own media consultancy for a while.

Before enrolling at CPS I’d spent most of my adult life practising and teaching journalism. I was elected a Life Member of the NUJ in 2002.

I was born in Lambeth, the son of a street trader, grew up on a council estate and attended a snotty grammar school.

qualified as a journalist on local newspapers before blagging my way to Fleet Street (the actual one) where I worked for ten years until the UK’s national newspapers dispersed to other parts of the capital, taking me with them.

For several years after that I was a department head on the late, lamented News of the World and a staff-elected pensions trustee.

I was in charge of editorial production the night Diana, Princess of Wales, died in 1997. It was, by far, the biggest story of my journalistic career.

After gaining my MA I switched to academia and lectured in journalism for five years at one of the country’s premier J-schools, creating and delivering a prize-winning multimedia module.

I take a broadly Buddhistic view of life and have been a member here for 35 years.

I live with my wife in a historic English medieval town which has morphed into a well-serviced modern village. Our daughter, son and three grandchildren live not far away.

I’m best searched for as “James Alan Anslow” and more about me and my work can be found here and here. I’m @JamesAlanAnslow on TwitterMedium and Facebook.